A promise to change the world.

Capital with value for companies and projects developing sustainable technologies and solutions in different stages of growth.

Andament Ltd is a dynamic Finnish development company and industrial investor. A growth driver with a passion for future technologies and clean energy. We invest in clean energy technologies and early-stage growth companies and are involved in companies and projects developing energy storage. Our goal is to help companies grow into vibrant builders of a cleaner future.

Our mission

We invest in and develop an ecosystem of sustainable and resource-efficient technologies and solutions, helping to drive significant innovations.

We take companies at different stages of growth to the next level, delivering value to owners, investors, and employees alike.

Capital with

The Andament story

Decades of entrepreneurship in the Juola family behind Andament have been one growth story after another. Success has sometimes grown out of failure, with tough headwinds to tackle and high mountains to climb.

They have been overcome with hard work and courageous, enthusiastic, and dynamic attitude. Things have been tackled swiftly and decisions taken quickly. Hence our understanding and experience in growing and developing businesses.

M/S Alpo returned to Normandy while raising funds for Ukraine

The tugboat M/S Alpo travelled from its home port of Oulu to take part in the 80th anniversary celebrations of D-day in France. Built in 1943, the vessel was used in the preparations for the Normandy landings, and today Andament is one of its owners.

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Certifications contribute to Andament’s responsible business activities

Safety, environmental issues, and quality management are an important part of Andament's responsibility. The company’s operations are guided by the ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system.

Andament renews its brand

Andament, celebrating its 30th anniversary, has renewed its brand to reflect the company's new direction.

Andament supports Laura Kangasniemi on her journey towards the Paris Paralympics

Laura Kangasniemi, a 24-year-old para rider from Haapavesi, will realise her dream of competing in the Paralympic Games in early September at the Versailles School of Equestrian Art, where the Paris Paralympic Games Equestrian events will be held.

Mikko Rintamäki joins the Board of Directors of Andament Oy

Mikko Rintamäki, M.Sc. in Electrical power engineering from Kokkola, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Andament Oy. Rintamäki is an experienced energy expert with knowledge of the energy market, the industry, and good governance.